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[WEEK 2: Tuesday Evening, front desk area???; Jay]

[his head is still throbbing, although the pain is finally beginning to subside. he can still feel phantom pains in his mouth too, even though the injury has long been healed and the bleeding has long since stopped. the whispers in his ears are getting louder, causing his gaze to flicker left and right, as though he expects to see a ghost in the corners of his vision]

[nevertheless, when Jay flags him down at the front desk, he pushes those uncomfortable sensations aside to focus more on the matter at hand.]

Wait, Andersen, too? And there's no sign of where they might've gone?
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[ he shakes his head, his expression grim. ]

Omega hasn't seen him since yesterday afternoon, which is around the last time I saw Jake as well.

[ the obvious conclusion to leap to is that the two of them went off somewhere together. one person mysteriously disappearing is bad enough, but two? ]

I don't know about Anderson, but Jake would have told me if he was going to run off somewhere. Plus, with the whole curfew situation...
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They all can't be that stupid.

[ oh my god. they can. ]

We're planning on breaking in, but at least we have a general idea of what we're going to find.

[ jay pinches the bridge of his nose, thinking, before speaking again. ] Did he tell you which one he broke into? When I was searching earlier today, all of them still looked closed.
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[ he scans the area, double checking that they're definitely alone here, before talking again. he lowers his voice just in case. ]

The problem is, if they did sneak into one of the buildings, we have no idea which one it was. And from what we know from Dave's own venture into one, it's going to be dangerous. You have your gun, but we can only spare one bullet from it.

[ god he wishes they had their first hunter meeting earlier. he would have taken more knives?? one for yukina and kaito. ]
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This is one of the inconveniences of our job here. I would love to search through each of those buildings for them, but realistically we can't. That just means more chances for any of us to get injured or worse, and if something happens to us, then...

[ everyone else is screwed, basically. ]

I would prefer if other people didn't decide to check them out though.
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I'll be fine.

[ that reminds him, though. ]

I was actually thinking of giving you and Yukina keys to my room. If... [ he trails off, frowning ] if Jake doesn't come back, then it'll be the best place for us to meet up when we can't go to the curio shop.
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If we do find Jake, I don't think he'd mind. He's very... friendly.

[ jay is going to be legitimately upset if jake's dead. ugh. ]

But I do think we need another meeting place besides the shop, in case something happens. My room should do for now.
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I'll see if I can get the keys then.

... Do you still have that migraine, by the way? You're not carrying the ice pack.
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I keep having to touch it to make sure it's still there.

[ he's certain that there are going to be a lot of injuries going on here, but being the one to inflict them on yourself is... another thing entirely. ]
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Me too. It's definitely annoying when it happens in front of other people.

[ suddenly reaching for your cheek for no reason is a little awkward to play off after. ]

It's... probably not going to be a tooth each time, is it? I don't really get the impression from this place that they like repeat performances.
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[ he glances down at his own hand. ]

It may be a little difficult to continue our meeting afterwards if an entire hand is getting grown back.

[ like that sounds like the level of pain that would make them pass out or something. ]
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They might want to ease us up to that level.

[ it's said in a joking tone but also

he really hopes not. ]
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[ there's a pause, like he's not sure what to say next. but there's something that's been on his mind. ]

Are you okay with your role?
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Concern, maybe?

[ he shrugs. ]

Like we said in the meeting, technically you don't have to be the one to kill them. I'm sure stabbing them will take a Prophet down just as well as a bullet. But your weapon is the only actual guaranteed way they'd definitely die, instead of just being injured. Killing someone, though... it takes a lot out of you, even if it's for a good reason. So, I'm asking if you're okay with it.
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[ he's taking that answer for what he suspected. ]

Just remember that you're not on your own here, Kaito.
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You haven't done anything to deserve me being nice to you in public.

[ jay's default mode is shitty troll, i'm sorry. ]

... I'm going to see if I can find a way to acquire another weapon for Yukina. A scalpel is better than nothing, but it won't really do much in the long run. And her skill only works against Prophets. If someone else attacks her...
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That's actually not true, by the way. You know the butcher's area in the back of the grocery store? There's cleavers there.
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I don't think a lot of people have realized that they're there, which is probably why there's still so many left. But if that missing items list at the front desk gets updated every week, people will become aware of them.
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It's one thing if people who are weaponless to take them since you can explain that away as self-defense. But I bet people with weapon roles took them as well.

[ i mean

jay would have done the same, honestly, but that's not the point because he doesn't have a weapons role. ]
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I doubt it. I'm sure some people might be okay with it, but there's a reason why most people stole them when no one was looking. They intend to keep it a secret.

[ ..... AGAIN LIKE. jay. ]
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[ i'm sorry that you're partnered with someone that you would probably suspect is a murderer if you didn't know otherwise, kaito ]

That's what I'm hoping as well. I don't blame people wanting to arm themselves in case they're attacked. Especially those who don't really have any fighting abilities otherwise.
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Depending on your circumstances, that's sometimes necessary.

[ sometimes you gotta fight rpg monsters, kaito ]